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Noblesse embodies modern nobility and evokes a deliciously indulgent feeling of ultimate luxury. Noblesse was created using only the finest ingredients at one of the most renowned wineries in France, the Maison Charpentier House, which boasts a 200-year heritage and eight generations of winemakers. Adorned with a 24-carat gold plated medallion on the award-winning bottle, there is no mistaking that Noblesse is 100% estate, 100% cuvee and 100% luxury.

Four major areas compose the picturesque region of Champagne: The Massif of Rems, The White Hills, The Marne Valley and The Bar Hills. Three grape varieties prosper there: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. The Charpentier House boasts 72 plots spread over the Marne Valley around Charly sur Marne. Most of this area is planted with the Pinot Meunier grape. Uniquely, Charpentier also grows the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes here, making for an unusual selection of grape varieties for the Marne Valley. This has a significant effect on the aromatic visage of the Champagne, and is what allows this vineyard to produce a complete range of champagnes with 100% estate grapes.

The favorable exposure of the vines, which sit peacefully in the middle of the hillsides, allows for running the area under the sustainable viticulture method. The terroir enriches the aromatic expression and the structure of the grapes. As an additional step, many of the parcels are organically cultivated.

The grapes grow in a particular cycle, beginning with tears, which means the sap is rising, next the bud and the first leaf appear, then there is growth with several leaves appearing, followed by pollination and flowering, the setting of the grapes and changing of the color.

The first fermentation of the grapes occurs in tanks, with the objective of changing the must into wine. The second fermentation happens inside the closed bottles, and is known as the foaming process. The Co2 is liberated by the yeast and then trapped in the bottle, creating the signature sparkling effect. The wine has a natural ability to sparkle due to macro-molecules, which produce a perfect harmony and balance between wine and effervescence.


For over 200 years, the Charpentier family has been cultivating their exquisite vineyards in the Champagne region, tucked away on the picturesque hillsides of the Marne Valley. Jean Marc Charpentier, the champagne artist, is the 8th generation of the Charpentier family to continue the tradition of excellence and superiority for the House.

Jean Marc was one of the first in the Champagne region to run his vineyard under the sustainable viticulture method, in harmony with the environment. This involves the practice of limited interference, using the natural defenses of the vines and a new technique of growing weeds and grass between the vines to cultivate the grapes. The system proved so effective that the sustainable viticulture method was launched in the entire Champagne region in 1989.

As a result, a revolution in viticulture is happening in Champagne – a new vine cultivation technique focused on the environment, respecting the soil, air and water. This innovative technique produces the finest grapes in the world. Noblesse is made using the first press of these exquisite grapes, making it one of the rarest, extraordinary champagnes on the market today. It is unmatched in quality and authenticity and offers a truly superior taste.

The product exudes modern nobility and ultimate luxury. As you sip, you are experiencing a product unmatched in quality, authenticity and rarity. Only the first press of Maison Charpentier noble grapes are used in the creation of Noblesse. Because this product is one of the finest in the world, all Noblesse Champagnes are 100% cuvee, 100% estate grapes.

Noblesse is an indulgence created for those who practice the art of living well, known to the French as the art de vivre.

The nose reveals subtle flavors of red berries, evoking a feeling of thin lace. The mineral purity matches with the fragrance of rose petals, warm brioche and fresh butter. The finish disappears as if by magic and hallmarks the bottle with an invisible stamp.

A nice acidity, with an exotic, covetous density, provides this champagne with a lovely and surprising freshness. It shows overall a divine harmony with a light and airy texture, calling for mandarin and black currant.


The nose is an ode to the Chardonnay, with flavors of locust tree, hazelnut, almond paste, soft meringue and fresh butter. Full aromas are remarkably outlined by a fresh acidity, akin to thin lace, and supported by a soft chalk minerality.


Noblesse’s New York City Launch Event

July 23, 2012

Noblesse celebrated its debut in the US with a launch event at NYC’s renowned Hudson Terrace Salon and Garden Terrace. Top Sommeliers, media and champagne aficionados gathered to kick off the anticipated launch. Grower and winemaker, Jean-Marc Charpentier whose grapes are Noblesse, an 8th generation winemaker in the Champagne region of France, attended the celebration and personally conducted private tastings for the party guests. Guests were able to experience the Noblesse tasting as well as a caviar tasting, accompanied by a live string quartet.

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Noblesse Accolades

Noblesse’s innovative bottle design won a 2012 Graphic Design USA Award for luxury packaging. It was also nominated for a prestigious Pentaward. The bottle was designed by branding and design agency Mode Design Group. Mode’s inspiration was to create a luxurious package that symbolized old-world heritage meeting new-world style in a culturally compelling way. The bottle was designed for consumers who practice the art of living well, known to the French as the art de vivre.

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Did you know?

Noblesse’s award-winning bottle is adorned with a 24-carat gold plated medallion that is made by Society Awards the same company that makes the trophies for the Golden Globes, Emmy Awards, MTV Video Music and Movie Awards.

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